Getting Started

New Account Login & Password Creation

When you have received an email invitation to the platform, follow these steps to set up your account:

  1. Click the link in the email to set your password
    – Your email and the password you set will be used as your login credentials

If you have issues logging in, please contact [email protected]

  1. Navigate to the platform homepage by going to and log in with your new credentials
  2. Follow instructions to configure 2-factor authentication – we recommend the Auth0 Guardian app, but other Authentication apps should be supported

– Create your own models or clone existing ones. We recommend using the "Sandbox" folder.

– PLEASE do not edit any of the existing models
– Instead, you can clone them by clicking on the carat next to the model name and renaming your version then moving it to the Sandbox folder. (Note – we are working on model-specific permissions for a future release but for now, modelers and admins can edit everything.)